September 28, 2023

Research suggests minority children more likely to have allergies, less likely to be diagnosed

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A 2011 CNN report Study: Food allergies more common, more severe among children highlighted the fact that minority children, especially Asian and Black children, were more likely to have food allergies and less likely to receive a diagnosis for one. This is as much to do with sociology as with healthcare access, as the question of food allergies is often less culturally common in many minorities as it is in middle- and upper class white households.

The difference is also geographical and social, with Asians in Asian nations having generally far lower instances of food allergy overall than do their American counterparts.

More recent studies, including one published earlier this year, highlight that these differences in culture are changing as more and more minority children begin receiving diagnoses of food allergies. A study we highlighted earlier this month showed that in action. Another last month also showed this.

All in all, food allergies and their diagnoses are becoming more common as both the number of people with them and the awareness of them increases.

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