A new initiative by the Broad Institute and the Yale School of Medicine has set out to reconsider the science that underlies food allergy. Combining the resources of the research and academic sides, the Food Allergy Science Initiative (FASI) aims to revisit and rethink what’s known about food allergies in order to potentially help find new answers to key scientific questions surrounding them.

A key component of this research will be to try to identify the underlying biology of food allergy through a multi-disciplinary approach and reconsideration of what’s known.

The basic biological mechanisms behind food allergy are generally unknown, the initiatives founders say.

The goal is an “ambitious, interdisciplinary approach” with a partnership between immunologists, clinicians, technologists, and computational scientists.

One goal will be to more fully understand the biological reactions and how they occur as well as how to avoid them in pre-testing or early testing for allergies. Currently, allergic reactions are teh most common way allergies are determined, but these can be life-threatening. If the underlying biology is understood, then more proactive, screening-type tests could be devised to save the dangerous reaction.

FASI hopes to accelerate the understanding of food allergies so that new treatments and diagnostic options can be sought.

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