SeaWorld has begun catering to visitors with food allergies with new menu initiatives.┬áThe park’s parent company, which also owns Busch Gardens Tampa and a number of other parks nationwide, recently announced that they are introducing allergy-friendly dining policies at each of their locations.

According to the company, these initiatives include welcoming guests with food allergies to discuss their concerns directly with food preparation staff to make sure their food is allergen free. Park restaurants will also introduce “chef cards,” allowing guests to write down their specific food needs, to be given to the chef before the preparation of their meal.

More allergy-friendly menu options

The parks are also adding more allergy-friendly menu options, such as gluten-free pizza and allergy-friendly chocolate bars shaped like Shamu. Look for these to be introduced over the coming months.

Jim Atchison, President and Chief Executive Officer of SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment, commented in a news release:

“We serve millions of guests each year and are committed to provide each a great experience. For families with allergen concerns, we understand how challenging it can be to safely dine out, especially while on vacation.”

Have you been to SeaWorld Orlando? If so, how was your dining experience?

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