September 28, 2023

SnackSafely Launches Allergy-free Sample Program for Schools

by admin in Food Allergy News0 Comments, an industry resource that publishes the Safe Snack Guide for schools and parents, is launching a new program. The program will introduce allergy-friendly alternatives to traditional foods in classrooms in cafeterias. The program is in partnership with Enjoy Life foods and includes free samples and coupons/offers for products available to schools.

The samples, coupons and offers are available to teachers, school nurses, cafeteria planners, school and district administrators, and parent teacher association (PTA) representatives.

Products and offers from an allergy-friendly menu of cookies, snack bars, seed and fruit mixes, and more.

The products range in allergy-friendliness from being free of peanuts/nuts to being free of gluten, egg, etc.

School/district employees and PTA representatives responsible for children with food allergies are encouraged to visit to learn more about the program and sign up.

The program does ask that participants check with par

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