September 27, 2023

Some Chiropractors Offering Controversial Laser Treatment For Food Allergies

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An estimated six million children across the United States have food allergies. There is no cure, and some children have allergies so severe they could end up in the hospital after taking a single bite of the wrong thing.

Now, some chiropractors claim that children with food allergies can be cured with the use of a controversial laser treatment.

One California boy has become among the first kids to undergo the treatment. 9-year-old Zack Jones has severe food allergies. He explains “I’m allergic to milk, all dairy products, eggs, stuff like that. And tree nuts, peanuts, and probably other nuts like walnuts and almonds.”

His mom, Sylvia, was recently exploring alternative therapies for food allergy treatment and came across the treatment, known as Bio-Allergenix, offered by a nearby chiropractor. The doctor explained that it was a laser treatment to eliminate allergies, and claimed that it had a 100% success rate. Sylvia explained the treatment process: “He performed laser treatment on my son. So my son sat on a chair, and it was just a little pen with a blue light. And he just went over the top of his skull, you know, his different points that they have.”

Was Treatment Effective?

Following the treatment, Zack and his mother were told that he could eat eggs in just two days. Just to be safe, they visited his allergist before having him attempt eating eggs. They discovered that he still had a severe sensitivity to eggs. Had he eaten them, he could have experienced a life-threatening allergic reaction. The treatment, apparently, had not worked at all. After discovering this, Jones filed a complaint with the California Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

Zack’s allergist, Dr. Michael Welch, says he’s been treating people with food allergies for more than 3 decades, and would never promise to cure anyone. “There’s no such thing as cure at this point. A lot of exciting things in the pipeline, but nothing that we can call a cure now,” he explained. He called it ‘irresponsible’ and ‘dangerous’ for chiropractors to claim they can treat or cure allergies.

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