Many people with allergies are told that the only ‘cure’ is to avoid the allergen. If you have a peanut allergy, for example, it’s recommended that you stay away from any food containing even trace amounts of peanuts.

Now, some doctors are challenging that belief, saying that allergies can be treated or even cured.

You may have heard about recent advances in immunotherapy, which uses miniscule doses of an allergen to train the body to accept larger quantities of it without overreacting.

Homeopathy may provide another route for food allergy treatment.

How Homeopathy Works

Dr. Naeem Karnalkar, a homeopathic consultant, explains that allergies are hypersensitivities of the body’s immune system. He says that the best course of treatment is strengthening the body’s defense systems, rather than just treating allergic reactions if and when they occur. Avoidance of an allergen does not provide a cure; it just avoids disturbing the hypersensitive immune system, providing temporary relief.

According to Karnalkar, homeopathic medicines can successfully treat allergies. Such remedies are taken as a preventive measure and promise to diminish the intensity of allergic reactions or prevent an allergic reaction all together. He claims that homeopathic remedies can strengthen the immune system, offering a solution to both seasonal and food allergies.

Do you know anyone who has tried homeopathic treatments for food allergies?

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