A new study focusing on children’s anxiety has established a link between childhood anxiety and food allergies. Especially in children of low socioeconomic status. The study was conducted by University‚Äôs Mailman School of Public Health and Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

The study found that although children are at significantly higher prevalence of anxiety in association with a food allergy, adults and caregivers are not.

Minority children of low socioeconomic status are already very likely to have symptoms of anxiety or depression.

Those chances are increased when a food allergy is added to the mix, the study found. Minority children of low socioeconomic status are 47 percent likely to have symptoms of depression or anxiety. They are 53 percent likely to have those symptoms if a food allergy is included.

The food allergy link is most associated with fears of social rejection and elevated social anxieties in general. The researchers also noted that the lower instances of depression in the study are likely due to depression being a problem for older rather than very young children.

The study considered 80 children of low socioeconomic status, most of whom were minorities, from the ages of 4 to 12 years of age.

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