A study being conducted at the Charles Stewart University surveys parents about their children’s food allergies and the impacts it has on their personal and professional lives. The doctoral study utilizes an online quality of life survey.

The quality of life study is being conducted as graduate work for a doctoral student at CSU in Australia. Ms. Debbi Stockhammer, who leads the study, is pursuing her Doctor of Health Science in the university’s School of Biomedical Sciences and says she has a personal interest in food allergies and immunology.

“I am very passionate about the topic and how food allergy may impact on the life of a young person.”

The survey went live earlier this month and has had positive returns since, says Stockhammer. She hopes her research helps shed light on the challenges food allergy sufferers and their families can have. She hopes it’s the beginning of a new line of research into the subject.

About ten percent of Australian children have a food allergy, so the impacts are more widely felt than many may believe. The study will differentiate between impacts for those living in various types of family units as well as their geographic location, including whether they live in metropolitan or regional areas.

The survey requires about 30 minutes to complete. Australian families impacted by food allergies are encouraged to participate (survey is here). The study will be open until the end of September of this year, with results coming sometime in 2016. Focus groups and interviews one-on-one may also be conducted as part of the study.

Source: HealthCanal

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