September 28, 2023

Survey finds that travel puts allergy sufferers in danger

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A new national survey commissioned by Sanofi U.S. (makers of the Auvi-Q epinephrine injector) finds that most children with a severe allergy to food, insect stings, or other sources report severe allergic reactions while on vacation.

The survey, conducted by Wakefield Research, also found that 70 percent of adults at risk for anaphylaxis had a severe allergic reaction while on a trip.

The survey of adults, which included caregivers for children suffering allergies, found that 65 percent of those children had a severe allergic reaction while traveling.

The survey was released just in time for the Labor Day weekend, and Auvi-Q spokesperson urges families with children or adults who have severe allergies to stock up on epinephrine auto-injectors for their travels. The Transportation Security Administration has specific rules for transport of these items, but with a prescription, they can usually be taken onto an aircraft or included in checked baggage without concern.

The campaign, led by football legend Jerome Bettis, focuses on educating travelers about the dangers of allergies while on the road and away from home.

You can see video and learn more from Bettis and Auvi-Q at this link.

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