September 28, 2023

Swiss Airlines becomes first global allergy-free airline option

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Swiss International Air Lines has become certified as allergy-free by the European Center for Allergy Research Foundation and thus the world’s first airline to become so across the board.

Swiss International Air Lines began flying allergy-free on May 1 with lactose- and gluten-free food options, more beverage options, and sans the fresh flowers formerly used to freshen the cabin. Pillows from synthetic materials (rather than down) and unscented bathroom soaps are also now standard. Further, pets in the cargo hold will not have their dander entering the cabin thanks to new particulate filters in the passenger’s cabin air scrubbers.

Not safe for peanut-allergic individuals – yet

The only allergen the airline has not been certified for is peanuts, given that so many of the food products it uses are sourced from nut oils. According to ECARF, the airline is working on finding new sources for its in-flight meals in order to change that, but it will take some time.

Further, Swiss International is not guaranteeing its flights to be allergen-free, so those with severe allergies should still heed fair warning. They are, however, taking steps in the right direction and are the first international airline to do so.

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