Target stores in Australia are recalling certain chocolate Easter products for mislabeling under Australian food labeling laws.

The products may contain undeclared allergens, including tree nuts and peanuts, according to Australian authorities.

Target scrambles in response to recall

The recall affects the following products:

  • Target Milk Chocolate Bunny, in 900g, 500g, 200g or 100g sizes
  • Target Dark Chocolate Bunny, 100g
  • Target White Chocolate Bunny, in 500g or 100g sizes
  • Target Milk Chocolate Duck, 250g
  • Klett Easter Cone Mixed Bag of Chocolates, 400g
  • Klett Milk Chocolate Sitting Bunny, 150g

Photos of the recalled products were given on the NSW Food Authority website.

Target said that the labels on the products say it “may contain shell fruit,” a mislabeling likely due to mistranslation. It should have read “tree nuts and peanuts.” Consumers may have confused the labeling to mean it may contain shellfish instead.

Target said no other Target Australia chocolate or confectionery products are affected by this recall and said “customers who had any concerns or inquiries should contact Target Australia‚Äôs Customer Experience Centre on 1300 753 567.”

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