The SafetyTat is a stick-on, temporary tattoo personalized to include allergy information and a phone number to call in case of emergency.

The tattoos are brightly colored and can be stuck to the child’s skin and easily washed off later. A write-on version is also available.

The tattoos are becoming popular again as school begins. This time of year brings new worries for parents whose children have food or other allergies, especially those children not old enough to easily check labels or ask about ingredients on their own.

In busy school environments, it’s easy for caregivers to forget to check or remember which child has allergies to what. The tattoos are meant to be a reminder.

Of course, the tattoos can have a down side. Some are concerned that they will become the target of schoolyard bullies because of the tattoos, as the new bullying tactic of “threatening with food” emerges. Although no formal studies have been done, the rising anecdotal tide of bullies targeting kids with food allergies is of concern to many.

For parents, though, the peace of mind may be worth the risk. Along with SafetyTat, other options include the Peanut-Free Zone tattoos and AllerMates wristbands and dog tags akin to medical alert bands worn by many.

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