A bill allowing epinephrine auto-injectors to be available in public places has become law in Tennessee after unanimous approval by the Tennessee Congress and the governor’s signature.

The goal of the law is to make epinephrine more available for emergency situations in public places. It affects both those who don’t know they ahve and those who are diagnosed with allergies.

Authorizing trained individuals to administer epinephrine.

Trained individuals and those acting under the supervision of a physician can provide or administer an epinephrine auto-injection under circumstances that warrant it, says the law. This would allow organizations working in public places to stock and train personnel to use auto-injectors without a prescription specifically tied to an individual.

The law also protects those who use the law in good faith. This should help prevent lawsuits against good Samaritans who are acting to help someone in an emergency. It also protects those entities and groups who choose not to participate under the law and who do not have trained personnel or auto-injectors on hand, making the law a voluntary measure rather than a potential mandate.

Tennessee joins eighteen other states that have similar legislation, 16 of which were passed last year. Three other states have similar laws pending.

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