Parents of children with food allergies are banding together nationally, thanks to a new initiative from the Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) group. The idea is relatively simple and is catching on nationally.

Parents are placing teal pumpkins (either actual, painted pumpkins or printouts of one) on their doorstep or front door. This indicates that the home has allergy-free treats or non-food prizes for those children who ask for them to avoid an allergic reaction.

The initiative is meant to give more inclusion for children who often go out for the annual trick-or-treat fun only to have their candy become off-limits because their parents aren’t sure what’s in it.

According to the FARE website, the Teal Pumpkin Project is both to raise awareness about food allergies and help children who otherwise might have to miss out on the fun of Halloween. FARE suggests that parents in homes with a teal pumpkin hand out non-food treats as the safest alternative to candy.

From the FARE site, you can download a Teal Pumpkin Project poster to print for your odor and get flyers to print and use to spread the word around your neighborhood.

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