September 28, 2023

Top 5 latest developments in food allergy research

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Research regarding food allergies has seen a lot of interest in the past couple of years and lately, several studies have changed how medical science views and treats this growing issue. For patients, some of this research is already beginning to show dividends in terms of improved quality of life.

#5 – Cow’s Milk
Two specific studies into cow’s milk allergy has shown progress along similar lines. An allergy to cow’s milk, says one study, correlates with asthma risk and allergic rhinitis. Another pinpoints IgE in protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome.

#4 – Shopping Habits
A survey asked people with and without food allergies, specifically nut allergies like peanut allergy, how allergy awareness affects their shopping habits. The results show that the awareness of allergies is higher than expected and it does create a market force that may push companies to make allergen labeling a priority.

#3 – Minority Children
Minority children are more likely to have allergies than expected, one study found, while another found that food allergies among black children are on the rise.

#2 – Babies and Allergies
Several studies have looked at how food allergies seem to begin, most focusing on prenatal and birth to the first year. Recent research finds that food allergies may start before birth and that increasing the diversity of food in the first year could help protect against them. Similarly, a study found that avoiding foods also helps promote allergies.

#1 – The Root Cause of Allergies
The most important study this year, we think, may be this one, which claims to have found the root cause of allergies.

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