Do you or someone in your family have food allergies? Planning a vacation requires a little extra thought to keep the risk of coming into contact with an allergen to a minimum. Many of those suffering from food allergies are able to avoid their allergen in large part by establishing a routine. Taking a trip is outside the routine, and can come with increased risk for food allergy sufferers. This is no reason to avoid traveling, though, as you can plan around your allergies. EmpowerHer recently offered a few tips for those traveling with food allergies (…).

People with food allergies typically find that the destination of their trip is not as significant as finding places to eat that are able to accommodate their allergy. In your hometown, you already know which restaurants are willing to accommodate your allergy. When you are planning to travel to an unfamiliar place, call restaurants ahead of time to confirm menu ingredients and restaurant policies. You may also want to consider selecting a hotel room with a kitchenette so that you’re able to cook some of your meals for yourself.

You may also want to ask your allergist for recommendations. This is especially true if you’re traveling to a foreign country and need to carry an EpiPen or other medications, as you may need to carry documentation or prescriptions. While traveling with allergies can be challenging, advance planning can let you enjoy your trip without worry.

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