United Airlines has expanded its inflight dining menu to offer gluten-free options for premium cabin and United Economy customers.

The menus will begin to appear starting earlier this week. This is in addition to nut-free and other allergy-friendly menu options already in place.

The gluten-free addition comes as an augment to the already gluten-free soup offerings and will begin with the addition of a gluten-free salad dressing to expand menu choices for gluten-allergic fliers.

The new menus will appear in international flights flying from the United States to North and Central America. It will then expand to other international flights departing the United States.

Some options already gluten-free

More premium offerings are also in the Choice Menu Classic, Savory and Tapas Snack Shop snack boxes, with about half of the items in the boxes being gluten-free and all boxes slowly becoming entirely gluten-free by summer. Greek yogurts are also available as another option.

“Our customers are looking for menu choices that reflect their heightened focus on health and good nutrition,” said Lynda Coffman, United’s vice president of food services. “By introducing new choices for premium-cabin and United Economy customers, we continue to provide a more flyer-friendly inflight experience for travelers.”

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