As the number of people with food allergies increases and pressure from legal and advocacy groups rises with them, schools around the nation are becoming more and more allergy-aware and friendly – including universities.

Every university in the U.S. is undergoing changes to how they prepare and offer food in their cafeterias. Options include offering made-to-order allergen-free foods, going allergy-free with their entire menu, and offering allergen-free foods as an option along with food prepared normally.

More food allergy sufferers entering college

Universities are seeing a high percentage of food allergy sufferers enrolled in comparison to previous years, with some seeing more than double the number over last year alone.

A recent court case that was settled with the acceptance that the Americans with Disabilities Act applies to food allergy sufferers set the stage for more lawsuits should universities and other schools not comply by either closing their cafeterias or offering allergy-free options.

A recent news report from Purdue University shows how one school is dealing with the issue. You can view that at this link.

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