Next Saturday, October 1st, a food allergy awareness walk will be held in Atlanta, Georgia. The two-mile Food Allergy & Anaphylaxic Network Walk for Food Allergies is being held to raise funds for food allergy awareness and research.

According,the event is co-chaired by Eileen Kirkland, mother of a son with food allergies. Kirkland says “Upon my son’s diagnosis, I became motivated to do all I can to help educate others about the seriousness of food allergies and what can be done to keep people that have them safe.” Between her son’s allergies to peanuts and tree nuts and her husband’s shellfish allergy, the Kirkland family must be careful about trying new foods.

With the new school year starting, now is a particularly good time to learn more about food allergies, especially if you have a child with allergies. Kirkland says that while her son’s teachers and classmates have been understanding about helping him avoid coming into contact with nuts, she still worries about others afflicted with food allergies.

This year’s walk is expected to include 600 participants, raising more than $60,000 for food allergy awareness and research. It’s one of 40 that FAAN holds throughout the U.S. each year. The money is used to raise awareness through programs targeted at restaurants, schools, daycare centers, and family members of those with allergies.

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