September 27, 2023

What’s In Our Food? One Million Americans Tell FDA To Strengthen Labeling Requirements

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The Just Label It Campaign (JLI) announced this week that a million Americans have shown support for stronger labeling requirements on food, particularly those that are genetically engineered (GE) or Genetically Modified (GMO). Since October, JLI and several hundred partner organizations have spearheaded a petition for the labeling of genetically-modified foods. According to a survey conducted by The Mellman Group on behalf of JLI, consumer report for such labels in the U.S. is nearly unanimous, saysMarket Watch.

Robyn O’Brien, who founded the AllergyKids Foundation after one of her kids experienced an allergic reaction while eating breakfast, explained “Americans are responding to the call for GE foods labeling because they want more information for their families. Like allergen labeling, GE-food labels would provide essential and possibly life-saving information for anyone with a food allergy. Being responsible for the health and safety of my children, I believe it’s my right to know about the food I feed my family…from allergens, to ‘pink slime’ to GE foods.”

Ken Cook, President of the Environmental Working Group (a JLI partner) explained “Pink slime, deadly melons, tainted turkeys, and BPA in our soup have put us all on notice that what we eat and feed our families is critically important… It’s time for the FDA to come clean and restore public confidence in our food system.” “In recent years, Americans have shown a real interest in knowing more about our food… This petition asks the FDA to stand up for the rights of average Americans,” added Gary Hirshberg, chairman of JLI partner Stonyfield.

Are you concerned about the potential health effects of eating genetically modified foods?

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