Whole Foods recently announced that they are discontinuing their 365 Everyday brand of gluten-free mixes. A spokesperson from Whole Foods said the decision was made due to low interest in the brand. However many Whole Food stores will be carrying the Glutino brand of gluten-free mixes instead.

I was at a Whole Foods store in Massachusetts yesterday and saw a large selection of the 365 Gluten-Free mixes on sale. With more and more individuals going on a gluten-free diet and more and more manufacturers creating gluten-free mixes and products, one has to wonder whether the market has become too saturated.

I have not tried the 365 brand of mixes and therefore can not comment on their taste and quality. It’s hard to say whether the low interest was due to poor marketing and packaging design, a poor product, or the case of a large company choosing not to compete with the many products that are now on the market.

It is interesting that this announcement comes shortly after General Mills released their own line of gluten-free mixes into many grocery stores.

If you are in search of gluten-free mixes, you might want to stop by your local Whole Foods and see if they are on sale in your area.

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