September 21, 2023

5 unusual alternatives to peanut butter snacks

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My son has an ever-increasing list of food sensitivities but no real food allergies, so I consider myself lucky. But I still need to keep many foods out of his diet, including nuts.

It’s a good habit to get into since more and more children have identified their own nut allergies. I feel better keeping nuts out of the lunchbox.

At first, looking for peanut butter alternatives is a bit daunting, and once you’ve found your favorites, it can get a little boring. Here are some alternatives to shake up your nut butter choices.

Justin’s Nut Butters

I read about them a year ago and have since become a huge fan. Our big favorite is maple almond followed closely by chocolate macadamia. The chocolate almond and vanilla almond are amazing on cinnamon toast. They also come in little squeeze packs for lunch box snacks.

Do read the labels. Justin’s Nut Butters are not made in a peanut-free facility, and the label warns the product may contain traces of peanuts. You can also get inspired and try making your own.

Barney Butter

These almond butters have consistency exactly like peanut butter. They are no stir and no refrigeration required. Created in an almond only facility, they are safe for those with severe peanut allergies. And check out their website for fun recipes like Baked Pears with Banana and Almond Butter Ice Cream.


Don’t try to trick your kids into thinking this is a peanut butter alternative – the flavors are not comparable. This is sunflower seed butter, and it’s delicious. We like this straight off the spoon or on savory crackers. I’ve also tried it with a drizzle of honey on toast. The flavor is a little unusual, so I’ve been surprised the number of times my kids have asked for it.


These chewy, all-natural granola bars from Vermont Nut-Free are great to throw in a lunch box. The snack bar is free of peanuts and tree nuts, as well as sesame, coconut and gluten. It’s a really safe bet and a delicious treat for a classroom full of kids.

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