I love to cook and bake! I remember from a very young age cooking with my grandmother, teaching me all of the basics like making sure to mix in the baking powder into the flour before you add the wet ingredients.

When I was younger I mostly liked cooking desserts however I have come to love cooking dinner and party hors d’oeuvres. A few years back I lost my desire to cook and stopped cooking altogether. However, I have found new inspiration and finally enjoy cooking as much as I ever did.

My Inspiration

It wasn’t until after my nephew’s first birthday that I found my inspiration and love of cooking again. Which is slightly ironic because it was the Boston cream cake (with homemade vanilla pudding) I made, that resulted in his first anaphylactic reaction. I almost never wanted to cook again after seeing his lips swell like that.

At the time we weren’t aware that he had food allergies, we only knew he had eczema and didn’t know and still don’t know what causes it. After his first birthday, we took him in for an IGE and later followed by and IGG discovering a long list of food allergies.

My sister was nursing my nephew at the time so it meant that she had to remove all of the foods he was allergic to from her diet, leaving her with very little to eat.

Not Just Allergic to Peanuts

Before we found out that he was also allergic to peas, garlic, soy, coconut, sunflower, and sesame seeds there were a few allergy-safe products that we could purchase at the store, which were nice for quick snacks and breakfast. After discovering these additional allergies we had to remove even more choices from our diet.

Making everything from scratch is a huge challenge when you are working, going to school and you have an itchy baby that needs constant monitoring it is hard to make all of your food.

The Solution

We started out eating very simple meals of chicken or turkey and a lot of vegetables and fruit. We came across a few cookbooks that helped us with baking (using rice flour, tapioca flour and more) however it seemed as though every recipe we came across online still included one or more of our allergens even if it was noted as allergy-friendly.

I started to look at recipes I found as a guideline, a means of inspiration, and I got a little more creative in the kitchen.

I wanted to share my recipes with others who might be going through the same thing so I started a blog and eventually turned that into Food Allergies Recipe Box in hopes of providing someone else with inspiration or a guideline to help themselves or someone close to them that is living with food allergies.

I want my nephew to know that he isn’t alone and that he won’t miss out. Living with food allergies has been a blessing in disguise for my family. It has taught us many lessons and has given us a healthier perspective on what we put in our bodies.

Food is still a little terrifying, as is the thought of ever sending him to school where there will be more exposure to allergies. However, we hope that our site will help bring more awareness to food allergies, eczema and create a place where people can share their experiences and allergy-friendly recipes.
So let’s get cooking!

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