Are you looking for a high-protein snack that you can take with you? If you are allergic to peanuts, this is harder than you might think. Peanuts and peanut butter are common ingredients in protein bars. Peanut butter offers high protein content, healthy oils, and a binding agent to make other ingredients stick together. Even if the protein bar itself does not contain peanut ingredients, it has almost always been processed with equipment that also processes peanuts, leaving open the possibility of cross-contamination or traces of peanuts, which can be extremely dangerous for those with severe peanut allergies.

If you are looking for a peanut-free protein bar, read the ingredient list carefully. Watch for allergy warnings that may indicate the product has been processed on equipment that also handles peanut products. Unfortunately, finding a completely peanut-free protein bar is rare. Most major brands either contain peanut butter or are processed in a facility that is not peanut-free. In addition, most peanut-free protein bars do not contain high amounts of protein when compared with bars that do contain peanuts, since nuts are used as a source of protein. If you cannot find a protein bar with a high enough protein content, consider opting for beer jerky or other non-peanut alternatives to protein bars.

Consider making your own peanut-free protein bars. This reduces the possibility of cross-contamination and enables you to customize the ingredients for your tastes. Sunbutter, almond butter, or soy nut butter can be substituted in recipes that call for peanut butter. Almost any protein bar recipe can be converted into a peanut-free recipe by making such substitutions.

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