September 21, 2023

Some People Develop A Peanut Allergy By Eating Peanut Butter

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There are some pros to eating peanut butter. Most people love the taste of it and it is healthy in most cases. It is a good source of protein, dietary fiber, vitamins B3 and E, folate, magnesium, and p-coumaric acid, which is an antioxidant. Peanuts contain more antioxidants than many fruits.

More Benefits To Eating Peanut Butter

Of course, if you have had a peanut allergy diagnosis, you need to get antioxidants, protein, vitamins, and other nutrients from other foods. People who are not allergic to peanuts can benefit from eating it because it is also high in monounsaturated fats. Research has shown that these reduce the risk of heart disease.

High Fat Content Consists of Healthy Fats

Although peanut butter does contain a substantial amount of fat content, these are monounsaturated fats. Many people who are concerned that they will gain weight if they eat peanut butter find that it does not cause weight gain. Another pro of this food is that it leaves you feeling full and satisfied after eating it.

Peanut Butter Is An Easy Lunch For Children

Peanut butter sandwiches or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are popular for children’s lunches because kids love their sweet taste, they don’t require refrigeration, and they are easy to make. Some schools do not allow children to bring peanut butter sandwiches to school because of the dangerous allergic reactions such as anaphylaxis that can ocur in children with peanut allergies.

Peanut Butter Is An Inexpensive Food

One of the biggest pros to peanut butter is that it is inexpensive to buy. A jar of peanut butter costs anywhere from $2.50 to $5 and can make many sandwiches. Most small jars make around 14 or more sandwiches. Peanut butter could solve hunger problems in developing countries because of its inexpensive cost and high nutrient value.

Developing A Peanut Allergy By Eating Peanut Butter

The biggest con of peanut butter is that some people develop a peanut allergy when they eat this food. Peanut allergies can be life-threatening when anaphylaxis, a whole-body allergic reaction develops. Peanut butter needs to be introduced to babies and toddlers slowly because of the chance that the child may have an allergy to this food. There is also a choking risk for young children.

Peanut Butter Is High In Calories

Many people eat too much peanut butter, dipping a spoon into the jar over and over. Eating too much of any food will cause weight gain, and this is also true of peanut butter. It can also be hidden in many foods, adding extra calories such as in peanut butter cookies. One of the favorite candies of many people is the peanut butter cup that is covered with chocolate.

Contaminated Peanut Butter Can Cause Sickness For Days

Peanut butter can become tainted with salmonella and cause a food poisoning outbreak. Those who become sick can experience vomiting and diarrhea for days. Some dieticians suggest that even if you are not allergic to peanuts, you should avoid peanuts and eat tree nut spreads or sunflower seed spread instead.

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