September 21, 2023

There Are An Array Of Peanut-Free Snacks That You Can Eat

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Are you looking for peanut-free snacks because of a peanut allergy? There are plenty of snacks you can eat that are peanut-free. Simple, fresh snacks are the best option. Packaged snacks are more difficult since companies can change ingredients and manufacturing processes frequently. Even if you have purchased a snack before, always check the label every time to make sure that it is safe. Peanut ingredients show up in a surprisingly wide range of snack foods.

Thankfully, there are plenty of delicious, nutritious peanut-free snacks. Fresh fruits and vegetables are safe for those who are allergic to peanuts. Popular fruits for snacktime include bananas, apples, and oranges, either whole or cut into slices. Carrot and celery snacks also make delicious, nutritious peanut-free snacks. However, avoid processed fruits and vegetables, such as fruit snacks or fruit leather, since these may contain peanut ingredients.

Many dairy products also tend to be safe for those with peanuts. Cubed cheese, string cheese, and many types of yogurt are peanut-free. Satisfying a sweet tooth is a bit trickier for those with food allergies, though both Jell-O and pudding snacks are usually peanut-free. Avoid ice cream and candy as a snack, since most of these contain peanuts or are processed on production lines where peanuts may also be processed. The same is true of many baked-goods, including pre-packaged cookies, crackers, cereal, and similar items. If you’re craving any of these for a snack, your best bet is to bake them at home to avoid peanut contamination.

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