Aterica has announced a new product called Veta, an anaphylaxis and food allergy support system to work with the EpiPen branded dispenser. The “smart case” and a corresponding smart phone app work together to keep caregivers and loved ones with allergies connected.

The case replaces the standard EpiPen case. It has sensors and integrates with a mobile app. Through this, the app allows patients or caregivers to easily find lost pens, set alerts to sound should they leave behind their pen so it may be retrieved, and monitor the ambient temperature to ensure that the pen is not over-exposed. It also tracks expiration dates.

The Veta case also alerts pre-specified caregivers or loved ones should the case be opened (indicating the pen is used) and can play pre-created messages through the phone’s speaker for bystanders and emergency personnel to hear, which could prove life-saving.

Veta is not yet available in pharmacies but will be starting in the fall. It is currently available for pre-order on the Aterica website, and the app can be downloaded for either iOS or Android devices.

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