September 25, 2023

Could Smartphones Provide In-Store Access to Allergen Information While Grocery Shopping?

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A recent report found that grocery stores in the United States are not responding to the trend of smartphone technology. While shopping in supermarkets or other retail locations, a smartphone (such as an iPhone) could provide ways for consumers to scan, research, and compare prices and nutritional information. According to the report, this capability is changing consumer behavior, even though retailers have been slow to respond.

The authors of the report envision that eventually Smartphone technology will become a major part of the in-aisle experience, with shoppers scanning multiple products for more information before making their purchase.

Many smartphone owners already use the devices for searching for lower prices, looking up reviews of products, and viewing product information. It recommended that retailers provide electronic tags known as QR codes to help consumers access the information they want. As a replacement for traditional barcodes, QR codes could enhance the traceability of food and expand consumer access to information about nutritional and allergen information.

As many people with food allergies well know, in many cases food packages themselves don’t offer enough information about allergens to determine whether the food is safe. Could QR codes and smartphones be the latest way to share this information with consumers? Read more about this technology here:…

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