Epi-Essentials, LLC recently announced a new handbag line, designed exclusively for those who carry epinephrine auto-injectors. Such devices, often known as the EpiPen, deliver life-saving emergency treatment in the event of an allergic reaction. Yet many people who know they have a serious allergy do not always carry an EpiPen, often because it is too much of a hassle. Though there are some epinephrine carrying cases already available, they are not designed with style in mind.

The recently launched handbag collection, announced through a press release onPR Web, is the first of its kind to combine a trendy look with a compartment designed for medical devices such as EpiPens and related medications. This line of bags is sure to prove popular with those who have serious allergies to food, medication, insect stings, and other allergens that can cause life-threatening reactions known as anaphylaxis.

The company was founded by Dana Lustbader, whose teenage daughter is affected by food allergies. She discovered that many women leave their Epi-Pens at home because they are inconvenient to carry and don’t fit into many small purses. The new line of epinephrine-carrying handbags reflects Lustbader’s view that such EpiPen cases “should be in an accessory that any female would love to carry.”

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