A new product called Allergy Alert SafetyTat offers a way for parents of food allergic children to apply temporary warning labels to their little ones when they can’t be there to monitor activities.

The company is marketing the tattoos as an alternative to often lost or unnoticed alert bracelets and necklaces.

Every parent whose child has food allergies has dreaded leaving their child at birthday parties or allowing them to go on field trips where they cannot be there to make sure their child is safe. Often, this devolves into multiple phone calls, reassurances from caregivers that the child will be protected from offending foods, and anxiety until the child returns safely.

Non-toxic, water-resistant temporary tattoo

SafetyTat has a new idea, however, that could help allay some of these fears: a water-resistant temporary tattoo that can be applied to an arm of a child with food allergies. The tattoo is non-toxic, safe to use and will only last a few days, but it can be removed easily with soap and scrubbing.

The brightly-colored tattoos come in packs of six, are easily applied with just water, and feature a SafetyTat pen that can be used to write the child’s allergies and a phone number for contact if there are any questions or problems. Custom printed options are also available.

Parents who find this a useful possibility can visit safetytat.com for more information.

The owners of PeanutAllergy.com and the writer of this article receive no compensation or incentive for the promotion of this product and present the information here purely for public awareness.

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