Game App Challenges With Food Allergy Awareness In a Diner

Feeding aliens in a diner is already a tough task. Now try doing it when some of them have food allergies. That's the challenge behind the new game app from Wizdy.

Wizdy Diner was created by Boston-based Wizdy as a restaurant management-style game, similar to Diner Dash, but with the added challenge of aliens and their specific food needs and the occasional food allergy.

Aimed towards children, the app teaches awareness of food allergies and food ingredients.

Those diners in the game who have an allergy that's ignored will have various reactions, showcasing the real-life reactions that can happen when someone with an allergy eats something they are allergic to. Reactions range from hives to vomiting. Severe reactions require the player to respond with an EpiPen injection.

The game focuses on wheat, dairy, and peanut allergies, but future updates will include others until all eight major food allergies are included.

The game launched earlier this month and is available for both iOS and Android devices. The first six levels of play are free.


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