September 26, 2023

Allergy-free Peanut closer to commercial legality

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture has announced that a new method of removing allergens from peanuts is nearing approval.

The method, being researched and tested at North Carolina A&T State University, reduces peanut allergens by 98 to 100 percent without using harsh chemicals.

As we reported earlier this year, the allergen-free peanuts are an ongoing study wherein enzymes are utilized to remove or alter the proteins known to trigger allergic reactions.

The university has since signed an agreement with Xemerge, a firm based in Toronto, Canada, to commercialize the technology. According to Reuters on Tuesday, the firm will research the market potential of the technology.

“This is one of the best technologies in the food and nutrition space we have seen,” Johnny Rodrigues, chief commercialization officer of Xemerge, said on the university’s website. “It checks all the boxes: non-GMO, patented, human clinical data, does not change physical characteristics of the peanut.”

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