Ben & Jerry’s has recalled certain containers of their Chocolate Nougat Crunch flavor of ice-cream because of the presence of peanuts, which were not listed on the label.

Labels on the pint-size containers of ice cream should have carried the allergen advisory “Allergy Information: Fudge covered wafer pieces have been manufactured on shared equipment that processes peanuts and tree nuts.”

However, the pint-sized containers carried no warning about peanuts or tree nuts. This omission may have led consumers with allergies to mistakenly believe that the product was safe, and is the reason for the voluntary recall.

Which Ice Cream Containers are Affected?

The affected ice cream can be identified by the following date codes, printed on the bottom of the container:

  • JUL1113BJ1
  • JUL1213BJ1
  • AUG0113BJ1
  • AUG0213BJ1
  • AUG2313BJ1
  • AUG2413BJ1
  • AUG2513BJ1
  • SEP2013BJ1
  • SEP2113BJ1
  • OCT2313BJ1

The pints were sold in retail stores around the country.

Fortunately, no illnesses or allergic reactions have been reported as a result of the error. However, people with an allergy to peanuts or tree nuts may experience an allergic reaction after consuming the ice cream.

If you have or suspect a peanut or tree nut allergy, you should not eat this ice cream. If you would like more information about the recall, Ben & Jerry’s encourages you to call Unilever, at 877-270-7397.

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