Twelve year old Connor Donaldson died after a severe allergic reaction to peanuts from curry takeout on October, but details were not released to the public until the court trail began this month.

In the trial, Connor’s mother alleges that the restaurant’s staff assured her that the curry did not contain peanuts. The mother and son specifically asked whether or not the meal contains any dishes with nuts and knew to avoid certain Indian foods because of them.

During the meal, Connor tapped his mother’s leg and said he couldn’t breathe. She gave him his inhaler and he used it, but to no avail. She dialed for medical emergency and began CPR when he stopped breathing. Ambulance crews arrived and took him to the nearest hospital, where he was declared dead. The coroner confirmed his allergy as the cause of death.

The restaurant owner says that there is always risk in food, no matter how many precautions are taken. “Business owners need to know [about risks] because we don’t want this to happen again,” he told a local paper.

The reaction was likely to cross-contamination in the kitchen rather than to the ingredients of the dish itself.

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