On Sunday, Oct. 27, the Chicago Wolves face off against Charlotte in the arena for more hockey mayhem.

During the game, an entire section will be designated a “peanut free” zone, and no peanuts or peanut-containing products will be sold in the stadium that night.

Peanut-free fun

The zone, Section 116, will be power-washed before the game. Fans who purchase tickets in the special section as part of the special Peanut Awareness Game offer will receive a product sample goodie bag from Enjoy Life, an allergy-free food maker who is co-sponsoring the event with the Wolves and FARE, who will receive a portion of the ticket proceeds for the night’s game.

Those interested in siting in the “peanut free” zone can do so in several ways outlined on the Chicago Wolves website.

More and more sports teams and stadiums are getting involved in food allergy awareness, with peanuts being of particular focus as they are often considered a traditional snack during sporting events.

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