Allergy advocacy group SnackSafely is petitioning Kellog’s to abandon plans to introduce peanut flour to some snack varieties. The food manufacturing company announced plans to add peanut flour to some Keebler and Austin branded products as a change of recipe.

SnackSafely says that the move could endanger some people who are used to the products being “safe” for their peanut allergic children to eat. Kellog’s says that the newly formulated products, when introduced, will comply with all Food and Drug Administration requirements for allergy labeling and will include warnings about peanuts.

Compliant label readers could be putting themselves or children in danger, the advocacy group says.

“Those Keebler Cheese and Cheddar Crackers? They’re fineā€¦ we’ve been giving them to junior since he was a toddler,” SnackSafely remarks an an example of what could happen. The group points out that Kellog’s did not list reasoning for their change in recipe.

The group has created an online petition at to get consumers together to urge Kellog’s to abandon the changes in recipes that will add peanut flour to some snacks.

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