Price William’s wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, has found herself in the center of pregnancy rumors after refusing to eat a peanut snack. Kate Middleton was offered peanut paste during a royal engagement in which she and Price William joined the Danish Crown Prince, along with his wife. Although Prince Frederick, Princess Mary, and Price William ate the peanut paste, Kate politely declined.

She reportedly gave William a knowing glance, which could be a hint that they know something outsiders do not. Onlookers have said that the refusal to eat peanuts indicates that Kate is pregnant. For years, government experts have urged expectant mothers to avoid eating nuts, out of fear that they could be linked to higher peanut allergy rates in babies.

One onlooker said β€œThe Duchess does not have a nut allergy, nor is it like her to appear rude. The only explanation is that she is pregnant and has been told β€” like many expectant mothers β€” to avoid nuts,” according toThe Sun.Kate’s official spokesman reiterated that Kate does not have a nut allergy.

A palace source offered a different excuse for the refusal, saying “Pregnancy is not the only explanation. The Duchess is still new to appearing in front of the cameras at official events. It is perfectly plausible that she may not yet feel comfortable eating while the cameras are focused on her. This is not the first time she’s turned down food while under the spotlight.”

What do you think? Is Kate avoiding peanuts because she’s pregnant, or is there another reason?

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