It started as a small recall of products from supplier Adams Flavors, Foods, and Ingredients at the end of last year for peanut contamination. It has now turned into a recall of products that may be the most widespread allergy-related recall in FDA history.

The Food and Drug Administration alerted the public of a recall from Con Yeager Spice Company of several products containing “ground cumin.” These products have an undeclared number peanut allergens in them, and stores nationwide are removing thousands of items from their shelves.

Source found contaminated after test at factory

Con Yeager Spice Company is a major importer of certain spices for distribution to food makers nationally. The company found that a source for ground cumin was contaminated with peanut allergens after it tested positive at a food maker they supplied it to.

The FDA has suspended all product distribution and production of affected products and has advised stores and distributors to remove items from their inventories. The FDA says there have yet to be reports of any reactions from the contaminated products.

For a complete list of the products affected by the recall, see the website alert here.

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