The Winn-Dixie chain of grocery stores has recalled certain types of Winn-Dixie Brand canned Italian Green Beans. They say that the beans may be mixed with peanuts, sparking concerns about people with peanut allergies eating the beans.

According toFood Safety News,although there have been no reports of allergic reactions or other adverse reactions to eating the beans, people with an allergy to peanuts face an allergic reaction if they eat the beans. That risk led Winn-Dixie to recall the green beans. Mary Kellmanson, Vice President of Marketing at Winn-Dixie, said the company is not sure how the beans came into contact with peanuts, but are currently investigating the issue to prevent similar incidents in the future.

The green beans that have been recalled were sold as Italian Green Beans, a canned product packaged in a 14.5 ounce can. The beans included in the recall have a UPC code of 2114021236, and are marked with a best-by date of September, 2014. If you have the green beans and are concerned about the presence of peanuts, you can return the recalled beans to Winn-Dixie for a full refund.

If you have questions about this recall, please contact the Winn-Dixie Guest Service Center. Their toll-free number is 1-866-WINN-DIXIE, or 866-946-6349.

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