Nine cheerleaders at an Ogden, Utah high school have been suspended after a hazing incident in which they allegedly covered a peanut-allergic girl with in peanut butter.

Cheerleaders were blindfolded

According to aFox Newsreport, 14 new members of the school’s cheer squad were told they were invited to a party to celebrate their induction onto the team. Instead, the teens were blindfolded and taken to a park.

There, says Ogden School District spokeswoman Donna Corby, the girls were made to do sit-ups and push-ups. While they exercised, the senior members of the team threw ketchup, mustard, pickle juice, and peanut butter at them. Finally, they were forced to strip to their underwear and hosed off.

Fortunately only a minor reaction

The whole incident may seem humiliating enough, but it turns out that things could have been much worse. One of the girls on the team had a peanut allergy. Being pelted with peanut butter caused her to suffer an allergic reaction, althoughFox Newsreports that it was a minor reaction, rather than a life-threatening anaphylactic reaction.

Thankfully, she has since made a full recovery. The school district is currently investigating the hazing incident, and the cheerleaders behind it have been suspended from school.

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