In Battle Creek, Michigan, a debate is raging over whether smeared peanut butter qualifies as assault. A woman there told police that her husband’s ex-wife had sent him a letter that had been smeared with peanut butter. The woman is highly allergic to peanuts, and now wants to press assault charges against the ex-wife.

According to the Battle Creek Enquirer, the woman believes the peanut butter is a clear attempt to harm her by causing an allergic reaction. She told police that she came home during her lunch break to check the mail, and found an envelope addressed to her husband. There was oily residue on the envelope, and it had writing indicating that the envelope contained peanut butter.

The ex-wife admitted to smearing the letter with peanut butter, but told police she did not mean any harm. According to her, the peanut butter smear was meant to keep the woman from reading her husband’s mail, because it “didn’t involve her.”

The case is currently being reviewed by the prosecutor’s office, but there’s no word yet on whether charges will be filed for the peanut butter incident.

What do you think? Should smearing peanut butter on an envelope sent to someone with allergies be considered assault?

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