The Israeli Defense Forces have begun raising awareness about food allergies after a soldier suffered a reaction to peanuts and died.

The Israeli army has mandated food allergy warning signs and allergen ingredients warnings in dining halls in reaction to the accidental death of a soldier from a peanut allergy reaction. The IDF has also begun issuing epinephrine auto-injectors to soldiers who’ve been diagnosed with food allergies.

The response came after a soldier died from a nut allergy reaction a few weeks ago. The soldier’s condition was known, but the IDF did not have food safety protocols in place and was instead relying on affected soldiers themselves to police their food intake. The IDF does provide special meals and accommodations for soldiers with allergies.

The IDF has been working towards allergen-controlled cafeterias and food preparation kitchens for some time.

The IDF has told Haaretz and other Israeli news sources that they have been working to find accommodation for soldiers affected by food allergies. Some severe allergies can be reason for a citizen to be excepted from the required service, but most allergies are accommodated instead.

With new provisions in place and new training for kitchen and cook staff, along with the issuance of epinephrine injectors to soldiers with known allergies, should help allay future accidents, the IDF says.

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