Through a newly-launched website,, the National Peanut Board hopes to raise awareness. The site is aimed towards parents, educators, and foodservice management. It provides science-based information about peanut and food allergies and links to resources for effective allergy management.

The site acts as the hub for a new awareness campaign based on consumer research conducted in 2013 by the Bantam Group, which revealed significant misconceptions about food allergies and their management.

“While 99 percent of Americans can safely enjoy the nutritional benefits of peanuts, it’s imperative that we must all be conscientious of the way we prepare, share and consume food,” said Bob Parker, NPB president and CEO, in a release.

NPB was created 14 years ago and is funded largely by America’s peanut farmers, who’ve allocated more than $10 million towards food allergy research, education and outreach.

Find out more about this peanut allergy campaign at PeanutAllergyFacts.

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