After a severe reaction to peanut butter at a friend’s home, Oakland University sophomore Chandler Swing went into a coma and, seven days later, died.

Chandler’s contact with the peanut butter was accidental, and he was found in the parking lot of a hospital after attempting to drive himself for emergency care.

Chandler went into anaphylactic shock and had an asthma attack, then went into cardiac arrest. He fell unconscious in the parking lot of St. Joseph Mercy Oakland in Pontiac just after midnight on Nov. 19.

“There are so many people who can’t believe that people can be that allergic. There are a lot of skeptics,” said the boy’s aunt, Shari Dennis, to The Oakland Press. She explained that Chandler had been allergic to peanuts since the age of 2.

Chandler was bullied in high school over his peanut allergy after his parents persuaded the school district to go peanut-free.

“Chandler couldn’t have had better parents who have been his advocates for his entire life,” said Shari.

“All in all, he was a funny guy, hilarious, awesome to be around,” said friend Austin Outland. “He cared about everybody.”

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