September 25, 2023

Odwalla Chocolate Protein Drink Recalled After Causing Severe Peanut Allergy Reactions

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Odwalla’s popular ‘Chocolate Protein Monster’ drink has been recalled after four customers who have severe peanut allergies experienced allergic reactions after drinking it. Thankfully, all four have made a full recovery, though their reactions have prompted a recall of the drink. After receiving news of the allergic reactions, Odwalla Inc. has voluntarily recalled the beverage, according to a press release received by theNew York Daily News.

The recall includes 12 ounce and 32-ounce bottles with ‘enjoy by dates’ up to May 23, 2012. The drinks are found in stores nationwide, including inside variety packs sold in Costco stores. In a statement, the company warned that if consumed by people with an allergy to peanuts and/or tree nuts, the beverage has the potential to cause a serious allergic reaction.

According to theNew York Daily News,the chocolate drink does not ordinarily contain peanut or tree nut ingredients, leading many with allergies to believe it is safe to consume because it does not carry an allergen warning. Odwalla says it is now working with the FDA to determine the exact cause of the allergic reactions. Though the reactions appear to have occurred as a result of drinking Odwalla Chocolate Protein Monster, it is not yet known which ingredient may have been to blame.

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