The parents of Natalie Giorgi, the 13-year-old who died in July of last year after inadvertently consuming a peanut treat, have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the City of Sacramento, California.

Natalie died while attending Camp Sacramento, a family camp run by the city.

Her parents say that their goal is not to win money but to help raise awareness and to force the city to address shortcomings they say are present in the way food at events is handled.

Giorgis seeking compensation for emotional trauma and medical costs

During camp last year, Natalie took a bite of a Rice Krispies treat which had been made with peanut butter, unbeknownst to the girl or her parents. When she tasted the nuts, she let her parents know and they gave her an oral antihistamine as a precaution. No immediate affects were present, but she soon developed anaphylaxis and, despite being injected with two epinephrine auto-injectors then a third supplied by the camp, she died.

In their lawsuit, the Giorgis state that they had informed the camp of Natalie and her sister’s food allergies and requirements and had done so every time they’d gone to the camp, both in writing and verbally. The negligence comes from the unlabeled treats, which the parents say were not labeled as containing peanuts despite other foods that were.

During the emergency that ensued, no one could locate the key to the cabinet containing the epinephrine pens, so Natalie’s father was forced to smash it open, causing himself injury in the process.

The parents are asking for compensation for emotional trauma and medical costs.

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