Allergen Research Corp, a startup company based in California, has raised $17 million in Series A funding to get its immunotherapy kit put through mid-stage trials and ready for market.

The platform, which will initially targetĀ peanut allergies, is meant to be capable of being expanded to other allergens as well.

A unique treatment

The treatment uses a slow, steady up-dosing regimen of pharmaceutical-grade peanut proteins to reeducate the body’s immune system to gradually diminish the body’s negative responses to allergens like peanuts.

The trial will launch before the end of the year, the company says, targeting a 2015 release for its peanut allergy kit. They will be sold to allergists and qualified physicians and their offices for use in treating patients with peanut allergies.

Mid-stage trials for the kit are in the works for allergens like milk, soy, egg, wheat, shrimp, fish and other tree nuts over the next six years.

The unique aspect of the ARC kit is that it is an oral product requiring no injections or invasive procedures.

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