For many fans visiting their favorite ballpark this summer, “Buy Me Some Peanuts and Cracker Jacks” is synonymous with baseball. Though peanuts are a common ballpark treat, what about those who are allergic to nuts? Drawing attention to the issue of food allergies, the minor league Louisville Bats are planning to play a game without peanuts.

No peanut products for sale at concession stands

This marks one of the first times that a professional baseball team has asked fans to forgo one of their favorite snacks while at the game. On April 26, the organization’s Peanut-Free Night will benefit children with peanut allergies. During the game, no peanuts will be available at concession stands. Products containing peanut-related ingredients will also be off the menu. Before the game day, the seating and stadium grounds will be cleaned to make the evening as safe as possible for fans suffering from peanut allergies.

Besides enabling those with severe allergies to enjoy a baseball game, the Peanut-Free Day also helps to bring awareness to the condition, which affects approximately 1 out of every 17 children under the age of three.

Let’s hope this idea catches on so that peanut fans with peanut allergies can finally enjoy the stadium while rooting for the home team!

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