With rising food allergy rates, it may come as no surprise that food allergy issues are increasingly finding their way into popular TV shows. This past week’sGrey’s Anatomyepisode, titled ‘Crash Into Me,’ was the show’s Valentine’s Day episode. As you might expect, all of the patients seen during the episode have been brought in for Valentine-related maladies, according toZap 2 It.com. Perhaps the cutest is a young girl who is experiencing a severe reaction caused by her peanut allergy.

The girl received a chocolate Valentine’s Day gift from the boy who likes her. She ate it, not realizing that it contained nuts. The boy’s mother brought her into the hospital, and she and her son wait until the girl’s mother arrives. Understandably distraught over her daughter’s life-threatening allergic reaction, she forces the boy and his mother to leave the hospital waiting room. At the end of the scene, the little boy leaves a sweet note for the girl to read when she wakes up.

While the scene may seem a little cheesy, it serves as an important reminder this Valentine’s Day. If you have peanut allergies, be aware that many kinds of chocolate do contain nuts. Be safe with your sweetheart this year!

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