This season, the Seattle Mariners are planning to host four peanut-controlled games, so that families affected by peanut allergies can attend a game with reduced risk of exposure to peanut allergens. During the designated games, sections of Safeco Field will be designated peanut-free.

The peanut-controlled games include Sunday, April 22 (vs. Chicago White Sox), Friday, May 25 (vs. Los Angeles Angels), Thursday, July 26 (vs. Kansas City Royals), and Wednesday, August 15 (vs. Tampa Bay Rays).

The special seating sections include Sections 313, 314, and 315. No peanuts or peanut products will be permitted here, and only fans who agree to abide by these guidelines will be allowed to buy tickets for these sections. Concession stands near these sections will be peanut-free on the designated game days, and the seating sections will be thoroughly cleaned before the game to remove traces of peanuts.

With these precautions in place, theSeattle Mariners Official Websitestill cautions that peanut-controlled does not mean peanut free. As an open air ballpark, it is possible that traces of peanuts present in other areas of the ballpark could affect those seated in the peanut-controlled area. They caution fans with peanut allergies to take the same precautions they would normally take in a public area.

The special ticket price for peanut-controlled days is $11 (for View Box seats that are normally priced at $30). You can purchase tickets for the peanut-controlled games at

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